Back To School Essentials For College Students

Everything You Need To Take With You To College This Fall

Do you have a student heading off to college this fall?  Whether he or she is heading back to college this fall or going to college for the first time there are plenty of school essentials they will need to take with them so they are well prepared. 

If your student will be living away from home for the first time, there are plenty of living essentials they will require for their college dorm room as well. 

I never realized HOW MANY items a college student requires until I went shopping with my own daughter to get her everything she needed in the way of school supplies and living essentials for her dorm room.   

This site is dedicated to helping you find everything your student will need in the way of school supplies and dorm room essentials so that they will be well prepared when they head off to college this fall.   

Best-Rated Jansport Backpacks For College Girls - Reviews

One of the most important school essentials that every college student needs is a comfortable backpack for carrying all your books and school supplies.

Jansport backpacks are a VERY popular choice with college students and they come in many different styles and colors to choose from.

These backpacks are not only heavy duty in construction, but they are also very spacious.

There is plenty of room in these backpacks to organize and carry everything you will need to take with you when you start college. 

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Best-Rated Laptop Backpacks For College Students - Reviews

With another school year just around the corner, you may have begun your search for a laptop backpack for college.

Finding the RIGHT laptop backpack for school can be a daunting task with SO many backpacks to choose from.

When choosing a laptop backpack, look for one that has large compartments with a padded or lined laptop compartment for transporting and protecting your laptop from any damage.

Look for a backpack that also has lots of other pockets or compartments for organizing all your school essentials so they are readily available when you need to access them.

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Back To School Supplies For College Students

There are many school supplies that you will need to get to take with you when you head off to college this fall.

One of the most important school essentials that you cannot be without is a laptop backpack for carrying all your school supplies like binders, a laptop, books, notebooks, pens, pencils, a water bottle and more.

On this page you will find a selection of school supplies for college students plus some backpacks to consider getting if you don't already have one for this coming school year.

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Best-Rated Laptop Notebook Computers For College Students - Reviews

Another school essential that no college student can be without is a laptop notebook computer for school. A laptop notebook computer will come in very handy for taking notes at school, writing assignments and more.

These laptops are very lightweight and thin in construction which makes them portable. They are also very fast and efficient for helping you get assignments done on time. They combine lots of memory with superior performance.

The battery life of these laptops is extended and the screen display on these computers is amazing.

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Best-Rated 3-Tiered Metal Rolling Storage Carts For A College Dorm

Storage Utility Cart

A 3-tiered metal rolling storage cart for a college dorm can be used as a nightstand for organizing and storing all your personal items and keeping them at your finger tips when you need them.

A rolling storage cart is also a great way to maximize your space and provide the storage you will need in your dorm room.

These carts are not very big so they have a small footprint, however they have three shelves that you can use to organize whatever things you want to have at your bedside or any other place in your dorm room.

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Best-Rated Storage Carts With Drawers And Wheels For College Students

A storage cart with drawers and wheels is the PERFECT solution for college students who have limited space while they are away at College living in a dorm room.

A storage cart is a great solution because it has a small footprint so it doesn't require too much space, while providing additional storage for storing everything from clothing, towels, school supplies, and more.

When deciding which storage cart with drawers and wheels to choose, consider what you are planning to store in the drawers because that will help you determine which storage cart would best serve your needs.

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Best-Rated College Dorm Room Twin Bed Comforter Sets

If you are in the market to get your son or daughter a twin bed comforter set for their college dorm room, then look no further as I have found a selection of these comforter sets that I think they will really LOVE.

These college dorm room twin bed comforter sets come in SO many colors and patterns that I think you will have no problem finding something that your son or daughter will LOVE for their dorm room.

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